Your Blood



The thick scent

The sweet taste

Alas, I must wait

I must satiate my hunger

Stifle the thirst

Until I can have


Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam
What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

'Slam, Slam, Oh hot damn! What part of Party don't you understand?'
From Raise Your Glass by P!nk. I smile every time I hear that line! It just makes me happy :)

Music and Cleaning
 As I am sure most of you know, music makes everything better, whether you are driving, lazing about your living room, cooking in the kitchen, or cleaning.  I love listening to music and I really love finding something new.  Thanks to my roommate pheonixisrisen21 I have become addicted to Basshunter! They are so awesome and I LOVE the Swedish dance pop.  I have been listening to that for about three days now.  

I'm sure I acquired my love of listening to music while cleaning from my mom. Whenever we used to clean the place when I was young she would always be playing some music, mostly classic rock. I am so glad that I have kept up with it, because man! It makes things go by so much faster! Also it is so much more fun. I usually listen to rock while I clean. Not any particular kind mind you... Be it Classic, Alternative, Pop... I don't care. Now I have even MORE cleaning music :D I started a Pandora station of just dancey pop music.

So what do you like listening to while cleaning?

 Does anyone notice that, besides the fact that the weather is the topic that people grab for when there is nothing else to talk about, it is so much fun to complain about?

I cannot count how many times I have said, "It's so COLD!" We all know that we are stating the obvious when we say anything about the weather, but that does not stop me, I don't know about you guys. I think it makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one who is freezing, because most of the time my friends will agree when I yell that it's COLD!!!

Weather has been in the forefront of my mind today. This morning when I got up, it was cloudy, on my way to college, it started raining and didn't stop for a good while after I was on campus. Lucky for me, I had no umbrella! And my one and only class is in the building farthest away from the bus stop. Now, I don't mind getting wet, don't get me wrong. Because of the rain, we were not able to draw outside today, but what we did instead was fun. Once I was back in town, it started raining again. Thankfully it didn't start raining until I was almost indoors.

But man am I glad I got inside when I did! Besides the fact that I was still a little damp from earlier, it started raining pretty heavily. Also there was a bit of hail mixed in. It was pretty awesome, actually. I LOVE the rain, even if it doesn't seem like it in this post >.>

I just have a small problem with it being so damned COLD!! The wall heater in my apartment doesn't work and the small parabolic heater takes a good while to warm the place. I had to resort to using my oven for a while to heat up the place, along with the little heater. Oh well, the good thing about being so cold is it gives me an excuse to take a hot bath and/or cuddle with my boyfriend and my cats.

I'm sure I will have a post in the summer about hating to be so damned hot, so look forward to that one :P

 As baffling as they are to those out there who identify as 'dog people' (you know who you are) they are just as baffling, if not more so, to those of us who provide for these animals. Because let's face it, cats do not have owners.

A few things you should know if you are thinking of becoming one of 'us'. You know, those people who have more cats than knick-knacks? (probably due to the fact that the cats have broken a few).

1. Your lap is forfeit. There is no negotiation on this subject.
2. They WILL wake you up when they feel it is damn time that you should be up or when their food dish is empty. Be prepared. OR you can outsmart them by closing them out of your room, but then you miss out on all the cuddles. Your choice.
3. Most cats will not come when called, so don't even think about it. Unless, like me, you are blessed with the exception that proves the rule. My beautiful black cat Harkness will come running from across my apartment when I call him. It is rather adorable, if I do say so myself.
4. There will come a time, rather frequently in fact, when you will find yourself presented with a confounding situation where your cat is involved. The appropriate response in this scenario is to say in an exasperated tone, 'CATS!!'. Trust me, everyone you know who has a cat will understand entirely.
5. Your cat will most likely come already equipped(no matter how young you get him/her) with some quirks or strange personality traits. Be it particulars about their litter box or how much they just love to shred paper bags. And by shred I mean turn into confetti.
6. Above all else, the main thing you need to know about cats is that they will love you basically no matter what. At times it may not seem like they do, but deep down, in their little kitty heart, they do.

So feed them at least twice a day, and please give them lots and lots of pets. Also, just for your amusement and the joy of your cats, a little cat nip never hurt anyone ;)


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 So... here is a brief catch up since the last time I posted...

I went to my first semester of college. It was challenging trying to balance school and work and I will not deny I skipped class a few times just so I could sleep and relax for a day. I have learned my lesson though, I will not try to take a full 12 units unless all of my classes fall on my days off and I have an extra day to do homework and/or relax.

I started a relationship, and as of yesterday it is over. Lasted for almost 4 months, and the worst part? I realized that the same thing happened last year. Like, about the same time last year I was dumped. How completely horrid is that?? God... If this happens next year I think I might just finally crawl into that hole I have been mentioning for years.

On the bright side I have awesome friends who know just what to say, or not say, to help me feel better. But these things don't just fix over night. Especially when the other party involved is not being very nice about it. I just hope work is not going to be completely awkward...

Any-who, I think that's enough for now. I will try to keep up on posting, but then again I was going to keep up with my vlogs as well... >.>

Things Ugly People Do
The title may be a bit misleading. I am not about to rant about what 'ugly' people do, or how 'ugly' people dress.
I am here to say that on August 2nd, 2010 twitter decided that listing things that 'ugly' people do was going to be a trending topic.

I am also here to submit to you why that is just wrong.

Granted, I am not saying that at first glance I think everyone I see is pleasing to the visual sensory receptors I have in my head cavity, but how am I supposed to know if that person is 'ugly' or not? Just by looking at them, how am I to know who they are as a person? Like the saying goes, 'Beauty is on the inside.' I believe ones capacity for 'ugly' is on the inside as well.

The fact that you can have a topic like that trending with people all over the world makes me sad for humanity. 

Why do I think the way I do? Well... taking a little trip over to one of my fave sites,, we can read the definition of 'ugly'. Ugly -adjective 1. very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance.
The first definition showcases my point precisely. The first explanation for ugly is based on personal perception. It just all depends on what you consider 'unattractive' and 'unpleasant' to your own visual sensory receptors and the way your cranium processes everything.

But take a look at the second part of that definition. 'Offensive to the sense of beauty' If beauty is truly on the inside, then likewise ugly is as well. Granted, not all beauty is on the inside, and as such, not all ugly is on the inside. But to really grasp one person's capacity for ugly, you have to know what they are like.

I am not a fan of name calling. I think it is ignorant and cruel. And generally speaking, I would not call anyone ugly, but for the sake of argument... I think ugly people do things to make others question their own beauty. Now lets see the other side of the argument. 'Offend my eyes', BREED TOO MUCH', 'Get plastic surgery', 'apply for extreme makeover, make the show & are still U-G-L-Y', 'get invited places... by their hot friends for ego boost purposes only.' Those are just a few I have seen on that page. While gathering my quotes, I did happen to come across another who might agree with me. Her post was 'Think of things ugly people do.' I totally agree with her. So thank you ladybirdj for summing up my whole blog post in six words.


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