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 So... here is a brief catch up since the last time I posted...

I went to my first semester of college. It was challenging trying to balance school and work and I will not deny I skipped class a few times just so I could sleep and relax for a day. I have learned my lesson though, I will not try to take a full 12 units unless all of my classes fall on my days off and I have an extra day to do homework and/or relax.

I started a relationship, and as of yesterday it is over. Lasted for almost 4 months, and the worst part? I realized that the same thing happened last year. Like, about the same time last year I was dumped. How completely horrid is that?? God... If this happens next year I think I might just finally crawl into that hole I have been mentioning for years.

On the bright side I have awesome friends who know just what to say, or not say, to help me feel better. But these things don't just fix over night. Especially when the other party involved is not being very nice about it. I just hope work is not going to be completely awkward...

Any-who, I think that's enough for now. I will try to keep up on posting, but then again I was going to keep up with my vlogs as well... >.>

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College is pretty tough, I take a full time unit load too but I'm also unemployed TT... It's funny how things are timed. For me something huge and emotional seems to happen in Februarys for the past three years. It's pretty creepy. I hope all goes well though

This is Emily in case you were wondering

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