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 As baffling as they are to those out there who identify as 'dog people' (you know who you are) they are just as baffling, if not more so, to those of us who provide for these animals. Because let's face it, cats do not have owners.

A few things you should know if you are thinking of becoming one of 'us'. You know, those people who have more cats than knick-knacks? (probably due to the fact that the cats have broken a few).

1. Your lap is forfeit. There is no negotiation on this subject.
2. They WILL wake you up when they feel it is damn time that you should be up or when their food dish is empty. Be prepared. OR you can outsmart them by closing them out of your room, but then you miss out on all the cuddles. Your choice.
3. Most cats will not come when called, so don't even think about it. Unless, like me, you are blessed with the exception that proves the rule. My beautiful black cat Harkness will come running from across my apartment when I call him. It is rather adorable, if I do say so myself.
4. There will come a time, rather frequently in fact, when you will find yourself presented with a confounding situation where your cat is involved. The appropriate response in this scenario is to say in an exasperated tone, 'CATS!!'. Trust me, everyone you know who has a cat will understand entirely.
5. Your cat will most likely come already equipped(no matter how young you get him/her) with some quirks or strange personality traits. Be it particulars about their litter box or how much they just love to shred paper bags. And by shred I mean turn into confetti.
6. Above all else, the main thing you need to know about cats is that they will love you basically no matter what. At times it may not seem like they do, but deep down, in their little kitty heart, they do.

So feed them at least twice a day, and please give them lots and lots of pets. Also, just for your amusement and the joy of your cats, a little cat nip never hurt anyone ;)


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"More cats than knick-knacks...probably because the cats have broken a few" Somehow I think houseplants are counted as knick least as far as Romeo is concerned...:P

Also...saying "CATS" exasperatedly is very therapeutic...usually. Particularly when they are indulging in their weird quirks. Yes...Gremlin is cute...but does he really have to be such a temperamental brat??? Lol.

Really...I think 6 is the only reason we put up with the rest of it.

And for the record...a little cat nip never hurt anyone? PFT! You're just saying that because Harkness isn't the resident nip-head. ;)

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