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 Does anyone notice that, besides the fact that the weather is the topic that people grab for when there is nothing else to talk about, it is so much fun to complain about?

I cannot count how many times I have said, "It's so COLD!" We all know that we are stating the obvious when we say anything about the weather, but that does not stop me, I don't know about you guys. I think it makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one who is freezing, because most of the time my friends will agree when I yell that it's COLD!!!

Weather has been in the forefront of my mind today. This morning when I got up, it was cloudy, on my way to college, it started raining and didn't stop for a good while after I was on campus. Lucky for me, I had no umbrella! And my one and only class is in the building farthest away from the bus stop. Now, I don't mind getting wet, don't get me wrong. Because of the rain, we were not able to draw outside today, but what we did instead was fun. Once I was back in town, it started raining again. Thankfully it didn't start raining until I was almost indoors.

But man am I glad I got inside when I did! Besides the fact that I was still a little damp from earlier, it started raining pretty heavily. Also there was a bit of hail mixed in. It was pretty awesome, actually. I LOVE the rain, even if it doesn't seem like it in this post >.>

I just have a small problem with it being so damned COLD!! The wall heater in my apartment doesn't work and the small parabolic heater takes a good while to warm the place. I had to resort to using my oven for a while to heat up the place, along with the little heater. Oh well, the good thing about being so cold is it gives me an excuse to take a hot bath and/or cuddle with my boyfriend and my cats.

I'm sure I will have a post in the summer about hating to be so damned hot, so look forward to that one :P

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Why is it so cold in "Sunny California"? lol XD It's been warming up, preparing for Spring here in Tennessee. :) Hope you got my Doctor Who surprise in the mail! :)

I dunno, but later that same week we got rain, hail, and snow all in the same day!
I got your pic, its awesome, thanks :D Its hung up in my room.

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