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Music and Cleaning
 As I am sure most of you know, music makes everything better, whether you are driving, lazing about your living room, cooking in the kitchen, or cleaning.  I love listening to music and I really love finding something new.  Thanks to my roommate pheonixisrisen21 I have become addicted to Basshunter! They are so awesome and I LOVE the Swedish dance pop.  I have been listening to that for about three days now.  

I'm sure I acquired my love of listening to music while cleaning from my mom. Whenever we used to clean the place when I was young she would always be playing some music, mostly classic rock. I am so glad that I have kept up with it, because man! It makes things go by so much faster! Also it is so much more fun. I usually listen to rock while I clean. Not any particular kind mind you... Be it Classic, Alternative, Pop... I don't care. Now I have even MORE cleaning music :D I started a Pandora station of just dancey pop music.

So what do you like listening to while cleaning?

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Sure, I can link you with my good station that I listen to most of the time. I guess I just need your email address to share it with you.

I would love a link or two from you, or perhaps a couple of artist recommendations. Thanks for the link, I will check out her mixes soon :)

(sorry for the late reply!)

Sure thing! You can email the links to me at I will need your email address too to share my stations with you. I'll send them to you as soon as I have your email. :)

I would highly recommend Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden), Hot Chip, t.A.T.u., Muse, OneRepublic...I have so many artists I like, but those are a few recommendations anyway! :) lol

Thanks for getting back to me. :D Similarly, I am open to any artist recommendations you would have for me too. Talk to you later! :)

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