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Things Ugly People Do
The title may be a bit misleading. I am not about to rant about what 'ugly' people do, or how 'ugly' people dress.
I am here to say that on August 2nd, 2010 twitter decided that listing things that 'ugly' people do was going to be a trending topic.

I am also here to submit to you why that is just wrong.

Granted, I am not saying that at first glance I think everyone I see is pleasing to the visual sensory receptors I have in my head cavity, but how am I supposed to know if that person is 'ugly' or not? Just by looking at them, how am I to know who they are as a person? Like the saying goes, 'Beauty is on the inside.' I believe ones capacity for 'ugly' is on the inside as well.

The fact that you can have a topic like that trending with people all over the world makes me sad for humanity. 

Why do I think the way I do? Well... taking a little trip over to one of my fave sites,, we can read the definition of 'ugly'. Ugly -adjective 1. very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance.
The first definition showcases my point precisely. The first explanation for ugly is based on personal perception. It just all depends on what you consider 'unattractive' and 'unpleasant' to your own visual sensory receptors and the way your cranium processes everything.

But take a look at the second part of that definition. 'Offensive to the sense of beauty' If beauty is truly on the inside, then likewise ugly is as well. Granted, not all beauty is on the inside, and as such, not all ugly is on the inside. But to really grasp one person's capacity for ugly, you have to know what they are like.

I am not a fan of name calling. I think it is ignorant and cruel. And generally speaking, I would not call anyone ugly, but for the sake of argument... I think ugly people do things to make others question their own beauty. Now lets see the other side of the argument. 'Offend my eyes', BREED TOO MUCH', 'Get plastic surgery', 'apply for extreme makeover, make the show & are still U-G-L-Y', 'get invited places... by their hot friends for ego boost purposes only.' Those are just a few I have seen on that page. While gathering my quotes, I did happen to come across another who might agree with me. Her post was 'Think of things ugly people do.' I totally agree with her. So thank you ladybirdj for summing up my whole blog post in six words.


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